Bricklaying Apprenticeship – Prestwich, Manchester

Posted on 22 Aug 2019

As a bricklayer you’ll need a good head for heights and be happy to work outdoors. Bricklaying can also be quite physical so good fitness is important, as well as being able to work in a team. You’ll also need to be precise, accurate and able to follow instructions from architects. It’s also very important to have an awareness of how to work safely, especially when working at heights and carrying loads.

As a bricklayer, your work would include:

  • Measuring the work area and setting out the first rows of bricks (courses) and the damp course
  • Mixing mortar by hand or with a mechanical mixer
  • Laying the bricks on top of each other and applying the mortar with a trowel
  • Shaping and trimming bricks using hammers, chisels and power tools
  • Checking that courses are straight using water or laser spirit levels and plumb lines

On larger jobs, your group (gang) would work on a particular section of a building alongside other bricklaying groups. You may also be able to specialise in stonemasonry work.

Apprenticeship/Programme Framework:

Apprenticeships are delivered via a mixture of onsite and college training. Typically you will spend 4 days a week working on site and 1 day a week in college.

  • NVQ Level 2 Trowel Occupations (Onside Competence Based Element)
  • Diploma in Brickwork
  • Level 2 (In College Knowledge based element)
  • Numeracy Level 1 and Literacy Level 1 Skills

Programme Duration:

Normally 2 Years

Minimum Qualifications required:

There are no formal requirements although it would help to have Maths and English GCSE Grades A-C


To become a bricklayer, you will need to be able to read plans. You’ll also need to be able to work in a well organised way

Terms and Conditions:

Throughout your apprenticeship you will be paid national apprenticeship minimum wage in your first year progressing onto national minimum wage in your second year.

Expected Duration:

Your contract with Constructing the Future will last for the duration of your apprenticeship.

Application process:

Anyone interested in becoming a CtF brickwork apprentice, should send their CV or request an application form from