Quality Principles for NHS Apprenticeships

Posted on 31 May 2017

This Document presents a set of principles that, when reflected in practice, demonstrate excellence in Apprenticeship delivery within healthcare employers. The principles offer a tool to aid improvement – they will help those already engaged in Apprenticeship training to develop their practice further. Those new to Apprenticeships may benefit from additional support to help plan and implement their own approaches, but this document will help by making clear the standards to which they should aspire.

Health sector employers value Apprenticeships as a key means to ensure that new recruits get the best start to their careers as well as developing the skills and careers of the sector’s existing workforce. The ambitious public sector
Apprenticeship target and the Apprenticeship Levy provide further impetus to the take-up of Apprenticeships in the health sector. It is vital that Apprenticeships add value to patient care by enabling health employers to ‘grow their own’ team, reaping the rewards of retaining a well trained and committed workforce and providing a wider and deeper talent pool who are capable of progressing to secure more hard-to-fill vacancies across a range
of occupations.

How we developed these principles

These principles are drawn from existing examples of health organisations that demonstrate good practice in Apprenticeship delivery. Detailed discussions with health employers, learning providers and apprentices themselves identified the vital features of high quality Apprenticeship delivery within healthcare settings.

High-quality Apprenticeships do not arise fully formed from their initial design but are the result of a process of incremental improvements. All the case studies report that they found it necessary to improve on their initial design, often with major alterations to delivery arrangements. The vast majority did not alter their ambition for high-quality Apprenticeships. The following sections present a distillation of that learning with the intention that others can take full advantage of this experience.

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