See Different; Be Different: How apprenticeship diversity supports business performance & growth

Posted on 1 Oct 2018

A conference for senior managers to highlight the benefits of driving up participation in Apprenticeships by members of BAME communities

Monday 19th November 2018

Greater Manchester was identified by Government to take part in the national “5 Cities Pilot” project, launched by Anne Milton (Minister of State for Education) and Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) in May 2018.

The project focuses on increasing diversity in Apprenticeships so that the apprentice population is more representative of local areas. In Greater Manchester, a truly diverse and representative population has always been at the heart of our Apprenticeship Strategy, ensuring as many of our residents as possible have the opportunity to grow and develop their career through the apprenticeship route.

The conference will highlight how we are working with partners to ensure that the Apprenticeship route is accessible to all residents; and how businesses can benefit by increasing awareness of and participation in Apprenticeships at all levels across their businesses. We will hear from current apprentices from BAME backgrounds to hear why they made a choice to follow the Apprenticeship route, any challenges they had to overcome on their journey, and the benefits they bring to the business. We will also be hearing from a range of employers actively taking steps to increase workforce diversity. Alongside this we will launch our new research piece that explains the ‘ethnicity gap’ in relation to apprentices.

The event is aimed at senior managers and decision makers within an organisation; people that can take what they learn and commit to changing practice to improve diversity. Andy Burnham will be closing the conference with a Call to Action for GM businesses to actively promote and encourage Apprenticeships for BAME residents.