Social Media Apprenticeship with the Juice Academy

Posted on 27 Jun 2017

The juice academy are holding a boot camp assessment day on the 18th July.

The boot camp is an assessment day where there will be around 20 employers looking to hire. At the boot camp selection day you’ll have chance to meet representatives from employer organisations, hear what it’s like to work in social media from practising professionals and try your hand at a few social media challenges.  Successful candidates will be informed on the day with a view to starting their apprenticeship training on the 20th July 2017 and full time work with their employer on the 24th July.

You can download the available Apprenticeships below

XL-Recruitment.doc (159 downloads) Carousel-PR-1.doc (162 downloads) Manchester-Airport-1.doc (160 downloads) Mastered-Fit-1.doc (152 downloads) MCD-Manchester-LTd-1.doc (158 downloads) MID-Communications-1.doc (150 downloads) My-Accountancy-Place-1.doc (154 downloads) Ostereo-1.doc (151 downloads) Pixel-Kicks-1.doc (138 downloads) SE-Recycling-1.doc (153 downloads) The-Market-Creative-1.doc (151 downloads) Travel-Councellors-1.doc (151 downloads) Victoria-Warehouse-1.doc (156 downloads)

To apply for any of the above Apprenticeships, click here.