The Apprenticeship Hub is here

Posted on 22 Sep 2015

Our two-year campaign to increase the uptake of Apprenticeships across Greater Manchester launches in full this week as the new Apprenticeship Hub website goes live.

Results day flashmobs, a Greater Manchester bus tour and a branded float at Manchester Pride 2015, have all contributed to the exciting campaign build up, with a dynamic team of morphs challenging people to get involved and See Things Differently over the summer.

Whether you’re considering an Apprenticeship yourself, or know someone that might be, the Apprenticeships Hub has got all the information you need to get involved. With real life case studies, company profiles, events, live vacancies, how to apply and more, the website is the one stop shop for all your Apprenticeship needs. And with many employers, providers, schools and colleges already on board, the campaign is all set to change perceptions surrounding Apprenticeships in Greater Manchester, and challenge people to See Things Differently.

To see some of the work going on behind the scenes to create The Apprenticeship Hub, why not take a look at our YouTube channel?