The Skills Co Apprentice Flourishing in Creative Role

Posted on 27 May 2016
Olivia Taylor, Marketing Manchester

We spoke to Olivia, Marketing Apprentice at Marketing Manchester, to hear about her apprenticeship journey so far…

Where did you go to school/college? What was your experience of education like?

I went to Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form, the lifestyle of college was very relaxed, however when it came to course work deadlines or exam times, it was very stressful for me.

A few months into my second year of college I was diagnosed with Dyslexia, so this helped me understand why I found education so challenging. I got weekly sessions with my dyslexia tutor to help me with any struggles I was facing.

Where did you hear about your apprenticeship opportunity?

I did a lot of research into apprenticeships myself as I wasn’t passionate about going to university and having to go through a lot of independent learning, as I thought this would cause me a lot of stress. I came across a few vacancies that appealed to me so I registered with The Skills Company and then they contacted me about going for an interview.

What about the role/apprenticeship appealed to you?

The company I was applying for seemed very creative and fun, this made me feel much more comfortable about jumping straight into a 9-5 lifestyle. The salary I would receive was great for a person my age. I also felt I would get a lot of working life experience to take with me in the future.

What does your job involve on a day to day basis?

I support my manager and team with any tasks they need me to do to help towards a campaign. My days at the moment though are very much focused around my own project I’ve been given of creating the new visitor map of Manchester. This is a big opportunity for me as I’ve only been with the company over a year and I am already being trusted with projects to manage myself.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Go out with my friends and eat nice food, drink some nice cocktails and do a bit of shopping.

To find out more about Olivia’s apprenticeship journey, you can watch her 60 second video here.