Posted on 25 Apr 2017

Manchester based apprenticeship training provider, The Skills Company is pioneering a series of WebinApps, as an innovative way to inform young people about the opportunities that apprenticeships can provide.  In May, they are introducing the interactive digital open events which connect young people with apprentice employers to raise awareness of what it’s like to be an apprentice in specific industry sectors.


They will involve a webinar-type presentation by the employer about apprenticeships in general, the business they work in, and how apprentices fit into their company.  Then participants will have the opportunity to ask questions via instant chat.  In many cases, current apprentices in the company will also take part in the WebinApps.  They will each last up to an hour, although people can join or leave the chat at any time.


A range of employers are involved in the WebinApps, including banking giant BNY Mellon, AXA Insurance, engineering and fabrication company P.P. Group, IT equipment supplier Midshire, and destination marketing organisation Marketing Manchester.


The WebinApps are being promoted to schools across Greater Manchester, but they are open to anyone who is interested, including parents who want to find about more about the options available to their children.


Jayne Worthington, Managing Director at The Skills Company said:  “We’re really excited about this new concept.  We believe that the WebinApps will present information about apprenticeships in a way that young people will really be able to relate to and engage with.  It’s great that we’ve got such a range of well regarded employers involved so that people will be able to get a sense of the huge variety of apprenticeship opportunities that are out there.  We hope to expand the WebinApps to include even more sectors over the coming months.”


The WebinApps will take place on the dates below, and you can register to take part here.

  • Monday 22nd May 11am – BNY Mellon (Bank of New York)
  • Monday 22nd May 6pm – The Skills Company
  • Tuesday 23rd May 1:30pm –  Marketing Manchester
  • Wednesday 24th May 1:50pm – AXA Insurance
  • Thursday 25th May 2pm – P.P. Group
  • Friday 26th May 12pm – Midshire